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180 Cooper St. Ottawa, Ont.

About the menu

In the mood to try something new?  Apart from the classic menu items, Cafe Mezzaluna features fresh weekly specials on the Market Board.  These mouthwatering meals range in variety and flavor from Osso Bucco  to Lamb Shank, and from veal and chicken dishes to delicious pastas.  The Market Board also features two fresh fish specials every week.

At Cafe Mezzaluna It's all about the food, not the hype.  After more than two decades in the city, the cafe's many regulars know that each time they stop by they can expect a relaxed and comfortable meal, friendly personalized service and great cuisine.  Traditional Italian favorites are prepared in the traditional ways- no short cuts- and with the freshest ingredients.  From the start we also understood the; importance of our suppliers for the success of our business, so we chose smaller local suppliers that shares our philosophy of business and like many of our regular customers we're still doing business together today.  Of course, sauces are key in Italian cuisine, and the subtleties of Cafe Mezzaluna's fine tomato, cream, rose, and wine-based sauces bring out the best in every dish.Finish off the meal with a sweet treat, from tiramisu to chocolate cake, the decadent desserts will satisfy your sweet tooth.


Monday - Friday: 7am-10pm

Saturday: 9am-11am & 5pm-10pm

Sunday: 9am-11am